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How to Update and Restore Your Kodi Build

Updating or Recovering Your Kodi Build.

**If You Are Unable to Open Any of Your Kodi Builds or if You Get a Black or Grey Screen Click Here **

How to Update Your Kodi Build?

  1. Click “Fresh Install” Whenever You Click Kodi and It Tells You There is a New Kodi Build Update.
  2. Click “Continue” (Your Kodi Application will Close Automatically when It Finishes Updating)
  3. Click Kodi to Open Your Build and Wait 5 Mins for the Skin to Finish Loading.

If You Ever Open Kodi and Your Build Looks Blank or If You Do Not Finish Your Update for Any Reason (Power Outage, etc.), Click Here for the Quickest and Easiest Way to Update and Fix Your Build.

Current Wizard: The Chef Kodi Wizard.

Current Kodi Build We Recommend: Chef Kodi’s Xenon Plus

Accidentally Delete Your 2nd Kodi App?

The Easiest Way to Recover Kodi Using the Cloud.

  1. Click Your ES File Explorer App.
  2. Click “App Spotlight” and Click “Kodi Apps With Builds Included”
  3. Click Whatever Build is #1 at the Top or Any Build You Want to Test Out. For Example, Click “Chef Kodi” or “Diggz”
  4. Click the “Doc” in Here if this Is Your First Time Recovering and Read Your Screen.

Want the Best Build Performance? Keep in Mind that the Builds Come and Go but this is the Same Type of Process. Click Here for a Walkthrough On What to Do After You Install Vault. For Directions to Optimize Your Build After Updating Your Kodi Build, Click Here.

Want to Try a Different Build? This Video is for the Red Zone Build but Keep in Mind that Kodi Builds Come and Go but this is the Same Type of Process. Click Here to Try the New “RedZone” Build By Chef Kodi or Any Other Build Available. (Click Here to See the New Build).

  1. Click “The Chef Kodi Wizard” (in the “Xenon” Section)
  2. Click “…. Builds”
  3. Click “Xenon Plus”, “Xenon Ultra” or Any Other Available Build
  4. Click “Fresh Install” and Click “Continue”. *Feel Free to Skip from 1 Min to 3:38 and From 4:24 to 10:25 if You Are Watching the Video, We Just Go Over Every Possible Scenario so Everyone Successfully Makes it from Build A to Build B. Please Note That You Can Use This Same Process to Switch to a Different Chef Kodi 17 Build using the Chef Kodi Wizard (or See the Next Video in this Playlist for a Walkthrough to Switch Builds in Kodi 17)

Click Here to Restore Your Build to the Latest Kodi 18 Build We Are Recommending Right Now. This Video is Only for Your Official Kodi Application with the Blue and White “K” Icon.

If Your Build Update is Interrupted or Is Taking too Long Click Cancel, Scroll Down to Find Your Current Kodi Build and See if There is a Different Server You Can Try to Download It. For Example,  You Might Need to Click “Chef Kodi Builds”> “Xenon Server 3” or “Vault Server 3” This Time. Your Screen Will Look Different But Its Actually the Same Exact Process, Just Click “Fresh Install”, Click “Continue” and When It’s Done Click, “Force Close” (If It Asks You) Click Kodi to Open It Back Up and Wait 5 Mins before Clicking Anything. Click Here to Update or Restore Your Freedom Build.