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Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation 2 Elite Kodi Build 20+ Apps

(17 customer reviews)


2nd Gen Fire TV Box Fully Loaded and Fully Optimized. Over 150 Improvements Including Everything from AutoClean to 1-Click Autoplay in Your Apps and Kodi Builds. The Most Truly “Plug and Play” Streaming Experience Guaranteed.

What Does Our Fire TV Box Include?

More Free HD Content Than Any Other 2nd Gen Fire TV Box Guaranteed.

2 All-In-One, Elite Kodi 18.4 and Kodi 19.5 Builds, Including Our “Day 1: Freedom” Build, the Most Intuitive and Innovative Kodi Build on the Market with Built-in Screen Share and Cloud Access. (More Info Below)
20+ Streaming Apps including the Best Premium and Free Apps for HD Movies and TV Shows, Live TV, HD Sports, PPV, Stand-Up, Music, Concerts, Adult, etc.
8 App Markets to Explore and Find New Apps and More Content.

Specialized Content like Fitness, Diet, and Workout Regimens for Better Health. Even Classic Movies from the Golden Age of Cinema, Classic Westerns, and Award-Winning Documentaries from Before the  Age of the Internet. Content that Most Sellers Would Tell You Is Impossible to FInd.

*Amazon Stopped Making the 2nd Gen Fire TV Box Two Years Ago when It Released the Fire TV Cube so the Devices We Receive from Amazon Now Range from Brand-New to Like-New Performance with Minor Cosmetic Scratches. All Devices Include a 12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty and All Devices Are Thoroughly Tested During the 4 Hour+ Installation Process.

*If You Are Viewing This on Your Phone Please Rotate Your Screen Sideways for The Best Experience*

Relentless Innovation. Our Latest Game-Changing Solution is the First Ever Kodi DVR-like Feature, Designed to Automatically Fetch All Your Favorite TV Shows When You Open Kodi Each Day.
Do Not Fall for the “Automatic Updates” that Most Sellers Claim to Provide in Bold Letters at the Top Of Their Listings. They Are Just Talking About the Default Kodi Addon Updates that Come from the Addon Developers. These Developers Are Unpaid Workers with No Obligation to Update Anything. Click Here to See it For Yourself. Nearly Every Single Addon on this List from Last Year Has Already Been Replaced by a Better Performing Addon When the Developer Moves on to a New App, Addon, or Build.
If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Manually Program New Addons and Kodi Builds or Pay a Hidden Fee, and Ship Your Device Back Every 6 Months, Make Sure You Get a Streaming Device With Access to the Cloud.
Limited Time Promotion.  We Developed a Much More Convenient and Ethical Solution. Click Here to Add the Cloud and See the 3 Guarantees That No Other Seller Can Promise You.

the fastest and best kodi media streaming box

We Do Not Cut Corners.
Each Device is Tested for Quality within 24 Hours of Shipment. Everything We Sell Ships in 1 Business Day or Less with Fast & Free 2-3 Day Shipping.
What You Need:  TV, an HDMI Cable, and Fast WIFI, 20 MBPS Minimum

What You Need to Know:  Just Click on the  Icon on Day 1. and Read the “2 Very Important Rules of Kodi” on Pg. 2 of Your Simple Start Guide.

For a Limited Time Upgrade to the New 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube for Just $20 More Today.  The 2nd Gen Cube is 2x Faster and Has 2x More Storage Space. This Allows Us to Include 15 More Fully Optimized Apps, 3 More All-In-One Elite Kodi Builds. The 2nd Gen Cube Also Supports More Types of Videos and Comes with the New 2nd Gen Alexa Remote. Click Here and Enter the Promo Code LMIR20 in the Checkout. Only 2 Left!

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 in

Default Title

17 reviews for Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation 2 Elite Kodi Build 20+ Apps

  1. Sarah Weeks

    It took me an entire month to research firetv’s and kodi boxes, but it was worth it. I’m so glad I found your company. I’m 300% satisfied with my box. I am putting in my 2nd order right now and I’m getting 2 for my parents soon so they can start saving some money. These boxes are so simple anyone can work them. Amazing Work. Thank You So Much! PS.. I took your advice in the start guide. I’m on my 2nd month after cutting the cord so I’ve already made my money back! I couldn’t do it without the DVR. Thanks!

  2. Jim Johnson

    I’m completely at a loss of words. The attention to detail, the amount of content and knowledge, and how user-friendly the make everything. And that’s just the digital start guide. This is the best product ever.

  3. Jefferey Simms

    I was nervous when I made this purchase because I’m a senior with no experience with kodi. I am delighted to tell you that this product is very easy to use. I plan on reading the start guide all the way through but I just read the first 2 pages and clicked on the 1 application. I’ve found everything I need to find and I’m still finding more content. Excellent product.

  4. jennah Simms

    The most beautiful build ever and everything is well done. The wallpapers in the launchers, the animated build, its addictive. I am not complaining, I’m just shocked bc I am not a techy type of person. Keep up the good work LetsMaKeitRight!

  5. Geraldine Riley

    Sorry for the long review, but I have been using kodi for over 6 years and I never thought I would pay for it and be happy about it. but I’m getting older and I need some help so I decided to find the best kodi experts available.

    I can’t tell you how many sellers I ran into that do not even intend on supporting you. I asked everyone the same question. How often do I receive updates and what do I need to do to receive the updates? Most said things like “don’t ever update your build”. “You don’t have to because the addons autoupdate” which is so much crap. Addons go down all the time. That is why you need build updates, to replace all the dead addons.

    These guys even go 1 step further than that. They program the best builds into your favourites and your file manager in both your kodi builds. so you can just hop from build to build. They even install a backup/ restore application they turn into a build installer. lol. and that is not even to mention the cloud drive which noone else has.
    Now if one addon stops working, I don’t have to worry about it, even if the worst case scenario happens. (and yes it has already happened since I received my box, but it doesn’t matter) I counted it, it takes me 3 clicks to update, 5 to change builds, it takes me 12 clicks to install a completely new wizard filled with new builds. They have 1 wizard that has over 50 builds in it! lol. and they use that in have it in all the builds so I could switch builds every month for 4 years!

  6. Jessica Henche

    Everything is top notch. You really cannot go wrong, The Fire tv stick I got from them is 10x better than the one I got on ebay (faster, looks better/ is more logical/ easier to use, has more content, etc) I just wanted a little faster performance and I wanted to test out the Fire TV Box. 1 word of warning. Once you try the Fire TV 2nd Gen or better yet the Nvidia Shield it’s all over. I gave my firestick to my nephew and now he has all his friends begging for boxes. lol. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  7. Phillip Greer

    I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the firesticks. I’ve bought 2 for myself and I’m getting 2 for my parents now. If you are getting more than 1 device definitely ask them about Real-Debrid. It’s basically a service that makes your streams for tv shows and movies better. It’s very cheap and they will help you set it up.

  8. Jenna Simmons

    I just want everyone to know that this is the best box period. Worth every penny.

  9. Geraldine Riley

    I am a sucker for attention to detail and you guys do not just aim to impress, you embrace the day to day grind like a true artist strives for perfection. An error message and the world is not enough! lol. I get it though. The you tube video goes out like a siren, the blog rolls out like a cloud of blue letters, Big and bold and at the top. lol. It’s the same feeling I get as a sports fan pulling for my favorite team when they are down in a series. The world is not enough. lol. Just want to say thanks I appreciate you.

  10. John Gibson

    Excellent Kodi build and everything I need. Definitely get the cloud drive. The top 5 list is very convenient and version 10 of the Freedom build is the best yet.

  11. Horace Thompson

    I’ve been a loyal LMIR customer since 2014 because they take care of their customers. They stand by their products and that is the most important part of these boxes. The boxes I got from them on ebay are not even on the market anymore but they signed me into the cloud drive when I had to send my box to them (not their fault, I cleared the data instead of the cache.) and I’ve been streaming smooth ever since. They could have charged me $40-$50 every time something went wrong and taken all of my money. I love the box and I would have paid for it, but they are not just about the money. They really do care about their customers.

  12. John Gibson

    Love the online shortcuts for sports. Just tried this and I’m getting perfect streams for pro and college football. I downloaded all 8 from the cloud drive and they are all working very well.

  13. Olive Marston

    Everything is perfect. I love my fire tv box!

  14. Stephen Vanras

    These are the best! Bought my first fire tv box over 6 months ago and then they ran out. Just bought 2 more to connect all my tv’s .

  15. joseti abad

    I wish I would have known about this years ago but, I guess I have been living in a bubble. I told my sons about these guys and they did not say the word “caveman” but it was definitely implied. 24 hours later, everyone is on the same page (besides me) and we are getting 2 more boxes overnighted to us. I guess everyone thinks they know everything right up until the day they don’t. Better late, than never.

  16. Sadie Soacha

    2 years strong with these gentleman and I will be the 1st to tell you that you won’t catch these guys snoozing at the wheel. They are always coming up with new ways to make sure you get what you need. Is this a perfect system, absolutely not, but this is the #1 best streaming box on the market period. And all the knowledge, craftmanship, and options you need to stream like a pro.

  17. Wasia Belinski

    I’ve been waiting for a year to get this and it’s amazing. If you want a box that is fully loaded, simple to use, and powerful you can’t go wrong with this device.

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