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Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)

(23 customer reviews)


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The Cloud is an Optional Service that Needs to Be Added on the Same Day That You Purchase Your Device, in order for Us to Sign You In. Each Device Requires to Be Signed Into Its Own Separate Cloud Service. For Example, You Need to Add 2 Clouds to Your Cart, If You Are Purchasing 2 Devices and Want Both Devices to Be Signed into the Cloud. There Is No Way to Share 1 Cloud with 2 or More Devices. If You Are Tech-Savvy, You May Not Need This Service, but it Will Save You a Lot of Time.

If This Is Your First Time Purchasing a Streaming Product and You Are Thinking About Purchasing a Less Expensive Device that Claims to Have “Free Automatic Updates”. “Free Lifetime Support”, “Unlimited Movies” etc. Without Access to a Cloud Drive Maintained by the Seller. Click Here to See Our List of Misleading Sales Tactics to Steer Clear of in 2021. The Fact That You Have to Physically Ship Your Device Across the Country to Update it and Get New Apps and Addons Is Proof That They Are Unable to Update Anything on Your Device Period, Much Less “Free Automatic Updates”. (Reach Out to Us if You Find any Other Seller with Cloud Support and We Will Revise this Statement.)

Limited Time Promotion. Buy 1 Year of Cloud Service, Get 1 Free.  700+ Days of Optimizations and Effortless Updates tor Less Than Half the Price You Pay to Ship Your Device to These Sellers Every 6 Months. Strict Limit. 3 Devices Per Customer.


Click Here to Go to Our “Top 10 List” We Update This List Daily or As Soon As We Find Anything New to Help You.

Do Not Fall for the “Automatic Updates” that Most Sellers Claim to Provide in Bold Letters at the Top Of Their Listings. They Are Just Talking About the Default Kodi Addon Updates that Come from the Addon Developers. These Developers Are Unpaid Workers with No Obligation to Update Anything. Click Here to See it For Yourself. Nearly Every Single Addon on this List from Last Year Has Already Been Replaced by a Better Performing Addon When the Developer Moves on to a New App, Addon, or Build.
If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Manually Program New Addons and Kodi Builds or Pay a Hidden Fee, and Ship Your Device Back Every 6 Months, Make Sure You Purchase a Streaming Device With Access to the Cloud. The Next Time a Seller Tries to Tell You Their Device Automatically Updates. Ask Them a Much More Important Question, “Who Replaces the Apps and Addons When They Stop Working?”. If They Do Not Include a Real Solution like a Cloud, the Answer is You.
With Our Cloud, You Can Update or Replace Applications and Addons from the Comfort of Your Home in Less Time Than It Takes You to Pay 1 of Their Hidden Fees, Box Up Your Device, Drive to The Local Post Office, and Wait in Line Worrying About How Many New Scratches and Dings Your Device is Going to Come Back with This TIme. Just Go to Our Support Page and Click the Icon if You Want to Update or Recover Our Custom Kodi Build or Click the Icon to Update or Recover Your Other Kodi Builds or You Can Just Click Them Above or See the LMIR Section in Our Kodi Build.

Our Day 1 Freedom Build Updates in 15-20 Minutes(**Now just 5-10 Mins Thanks to Our New “Rapid Update and Recovery” and “AutoTasks”, See Videos Above** and Your Kodi Build Updates with Just 3 Clicks in 10-15 Mins (Depending on Internet Speeds and Time of Day)3 Simple Guarantees with the LMIR Cloud that You Will Only Find Here. 1. The Best Tools to Maintain, Recover, and Update Your Device.

2. You Do Not Have to Mail in Your Device and Pay Hidden Fees to Update Your Device.

3. Unrivaled, World-Class Customer Support

Actual Message from a Customer About Our Superior Customer Support with the Help of the Cloud:

“I thought that was game over and I knew they were going to be frowning every day until we got this back. Thinking it was all their fault… Thank You for taking such good care of your customers and Thank You for putting so much thought into your products.”


Your Customer For Life 

 What Do You Get with the LMIR Cloud? In Short, All the Latest Streaming Tech We Have to Offer In Real-Time

  1. Quick Tools to Improve Your Experience. Everything in the New Mixplorer Cloud is Super Simple. Click Your Menu Button. Click “AutoTasks” and Click the “Freedom Quick Update (Super Favs)”. Simple 1-Click Automatic Updates
  2. The Only 100% TV Friendly App Market Period. Most People Do Not Realize How Important this is Until They Start Installing Apps on Their Device and Quickly Realize That None of Them Work. 95% of All Apps are Designed to Work on Touch Screen Devices Only. They Do Not Respond to a Remote Control at All. It Makes Searching for New Apps Time-Consuming and Frustrating. Every App in Our App Market is Screened to Make Sure it Works on Your TV. And Every App in Our App Spotlight is Ranked so You Know Which Apps Are the Best Right Now. You Can Long Press on Any App, Click “Select All”, Scroll Down and Click “Install” to Update All Your Existing Apps and Install All the Latest New Apps We Have Found in Any Section At One Time. This is Another Time-Saving, Game-Changer That You Will Only Find Here.
  3. Full Build Updates for Our Custom Build, the “Day 1: Freedom Build.” And Any New Builds We Decide to Launch with All the Latest Tips, Tricks, and New Features we Have to Offer. For Example, We’ve Released 2 New Variations of the Freedom Build in the Past 6 Months. We Released “Freedom Light” to Make Up for the Lack of High-Quality Builds Available for Firestick Customers and then We Launched “4K Freedom” for NVIDIA Customers with Premium Accounts who Wanted the Highest Quality Streams Available. We Also Put Together a “Sampler Build” to Introduce Our Customers to over 100+ Elite Community Builds, Featuring the Most Productive Developer Team in the Kodi Community. A Team who Pushes Out New Builds, New Build Updates with New Addons Faster Than Anyone Else and They Keep Their Builds Stocked with the Best Working Addons.
  4. The Best New, Elite Kodi Apps. Everyone Says They Have the Fastest Build and the Best Build. We Side-By-Side Test Them and Put Them to the Test. We Take the Top 3 (Based on Performance, Word of Mouth, and Downloads) And We Put 100’s of Hours Into Optimizing The Winners to Make Them Even Faster and Easier to Use. We Also Test to See How Quickly the Developers Send Out Full Build Updates so You Get the Best New Addons Before Anyone Else.
  5. Updates for Elite Community Builds That Are Abandoned. For Example, We Have Uploaded 3 Build Updates and Helped Our Customers Transfer to More Productive Builds 5 Times in the Past 2 Years Alone. 2 Of These Transfers Were from Builds That Were Completely Abandoned Out of Nowhere (the Ultimate Game-Over Scenario)
  6. Build Updates with New and Improved Addons that Represent the Future of Streaming like Gaia, Powder, Resistance, Ascension, Exodus 6, Etc. Addons That Give You More HD and 4K Content. For Example, We Added Covenant 3 Months Before Most Developers Knew about It (Click Here to See In July 2017). We added Placenta 1 Month Before any Other Build Developer Added It. Currently, There is Only 1 Other Build Developer that Includes Gaia, the Best 4k Addon Available.
  7. Improvements that Make Your Device Fly. We Spend Over 1000 Hours Per Year on This Alone. In Just the Past 3 Months, We Have Rolled Out Improvements that Reduce Start Times for Our Kodi Builds and Kodi Addons by 40%. (And We Are Weeks Away from Releasing Another Performance Improvement that is Going to Increase Overall Speed an Additional 20%.)
  8. Our Top 10 Lists and Cloud Docs that Tell You Exactly Which Applications and Addons to Use Based on Performance Alone. No Hype. (We Spend Hundreds Of Hours Each Year Testing Every App and Addon. Click Here to See Our Top 10 List.)
  9. Premium Apps and Addons. Want to Cut the Cord? or Get Sports Passes for Cheap? Virtually 100% of the People Who Are Giving Out Advice In This Category Are Getting Kickbacks. You Will Never Catch Us Giving Out Affiliate Codes or Links With Affiliates Codes Period. We Have Turned Down Nearly Every Live TV and VPN Provider that is Around Right Now. We Are the Only Seller in this Business Who Does Not Recommend You Get a VPN (Unless You Live in the UK). Why? So There is No Conflict of Interest and You Always Know the Advice We Give You is Nothing but the 100% Truth.

Full Disclaimer: The LetsMakeItRight! Cloud Drive Does Not Include or Host Any Copyrighted Content and We Are Not Affiliated with Any Third-Party Content Providers Who Do. is not endorsed or affiliated with LMIR  is not affiliated with the creators of Kodi. This site sells hardware used to watch legal content using the stock/default Kodi-approved add-ons. No copyrighted content or media is installed on these devices. Any content viewed on these devices is hosted on third-party servers in which we have no affiliation does not advocate any misuse of any devices or media. There is no implied affiliation to any third-party programs or servers. and the “seller” are not liable for any misuse of these devices after the sale. Your purchase is an agreement and understanding of this disclaimer.


23 reviews for Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)

  1. James Alco

    I use this atleast 2x a week and I can’t say enough good things about the cloud drive service. It’s just practical because these guys are constantly coming out with new stuff. If you get a chance to get the lifetime access. Just do it. you will not regret it.

  2. Genny Adams

    I really don’t know much about kodi. I just know that these guys really know how to take care of their customers and I am getting my use out of this cloud drive. lol! The first time my kids downloaded a bunch of apps and they found me a pop up blocker. The next time we somehow deleted kodi entirely. They just sent me a youtube video. I played it for the kids and 30 mins later we were up and running. This is a total lifesaver! I don’t even know how much money that would have cost me (I’m assuming atleast $30) My box would have traveled over 1000 miles by now if we didn’t have the cloud.

  3. Jason Whatley

    I wish that every seller had this. I’ve only been into kodi for about 2 years but this would have saved a lot of time and money if this was an option with my last seller.

  4. thomas Delray

    Seriously. This is the best streaming solution available. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  5. Jason Whatley

    Amazing work on version 10. Just downloaded last night and just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work.

  6. James Alco

    This is month 6 so I wanted to follow up. I purchased 2 boxes and came back for 2 more last month because these guys work like mules. They are spot on when they say that you need “full build” updates. That is not a sales pitch. Nearly every single app and addon that I loved when I first purchased my boxes has been replaced and it is fairly simple. They have youtube videos to walk you through everything. There is no way I could do all of this on my own

    If you are a sports fan click on the top 5 (now top 15 list) before you get started each day. They tell you what are the best apps and addons. Normally you will find something in the top 3 that works. If you want to cheat get the playersklub (directions are in their start guide) and download the TPK app from the cloud drive in the Day 1 Build (#1 icon). It is $5 per month and it is not just sports, it’s every channel you need and more. live news, premium channels (hbo, etc) sports passes (mlb, nba, nfl, nhl, etc) and ppv. This makes it so you have everything for live tv in all one place. Excellent deal.

  7. Gia Pugnaimi

    It doesn’t seem like much but when you need it, you need it. It’s saved me 3x in the past 4 months. the freedom build is the best. You won’t want to use anything else once you get used to using it.

  8. Maurice Sonnier

    I’m new to streaming but I’m very happy with my box. Thanks

  9. Adam Collins

    I got my device the day after the Apktime App Market released their new app market. I clicked on it downloaded 1 app. The next day it didn’t work at all. I clicked on the cloud drive and Apktime was on the first page. I clicked it and downloaded it. In the next week, I did the same thing for my NFL App, NCAA Football App, my Favorite Movie and TV Show App. All of these would have been at least a day too late to enjoy it if it wasn’t for the cloud drive. If I only had Apktime (and I still don’t know how I would fixed that without the cloud) I would have gotten my NCAA app on Sunday, My NFL App on Tuesday. etc. It’s crazy what difference a day makes especially when you work all week. These guys are on the ball.

  10. Gia Pugnaimi

    Keep on finding new uses for this product.

  11. S Mosely

    Don’t know how anyone gets by without this. Just wait until your power goes out in the middle of the update. Or you come home and your kids have been using the remote as the imaginary microphone all day. I’m not going to lie, I did it myself too. It said “Do Not Click Clear Data” Click “Clear Cache” in bold letters and highlights. So Which one did I click? DIng ding ding. You know it. Not only did I click it, I clicked it again to confirm it and then I blamed it on the stupid fire stick. and I will do it again.

  12. Adam Simms

    The best way to add everything new and keep everything running smoothly on your device.

  13. Alfonso L

    My english is not so good but thank you for this and the youtube videos. No way I could do this without you.

  14. Lucy S

    Love the latest version of Freedom. The shortcuts with the checkmarks and stars are a nice touch. Thanks.

  15. Joseph Matisko

    Just saw the new challenge I think I got you covered. had my firestick 4 months. lol Apktime 5 times. Done with it now. Its amazing but horrible. leaves you hanging. You click apps and they do nothing then you click it one day and it says you need to update it. No way to do it. Can’t find it anywhere besides cloud. Cinema 1.43 I think was game over. All other times no problem, but no apktime, no cinema. Means no movies for my girlfriend (she only uses cinema) without cloud, no go. Every app minus mobdro which I never use anymore because it is bad quality. I cleared data on kodi in month 2. deleted my live tv section last month (trying to learn). I had 13 clowns pop up and exodus bug too.

  16. Astrid J

    2 words. Thank you!

  17. Tabithia A

    I have kids and I love the cloud and YouTube videos. I don’t have to do anything. My kids just hop on the LMIR Youtube Channel and do everything. I woke up the other day and clicked Kodi and a brand-new build popped up. Everything is up and running and everything is amazing.

  18. gevevieve D

    I’ve been meaning to leave this review for a while. Just wanted to say thanks for this service. I can’t be without my box and I can’t afford to pay to ship everything back everytime I mess something up or the addons go down. It’s not an option. Thanks

  19. Adam S

    The build is beautiful and I love how you guys keep taking everything out of the start guide and putting it directly into to the build. It’s just must easier when everything is right on your tv screen. Every build should do this.

  20. Dan Laird

    Did not read the listing but it did not matter. They put everything in their kodi app and tell you exactly what everything does. Iit comes in handy if you are new to this like I am.

  21. Amanda M

    With my previous box, everything started going downhill after 3-4 months. I got the shield and the cloud back during Christmas and with approx 2-3 hours total over the past 6 months, updating Kodi and swapping out dead apps, I’m actually happier than I was on day 1. Just make sure you do not forget the cloud. It makes it very easy to “optimize” all the Kodi builds and apps. You can actually speed up and improve the performance of all your Kodi builds with a single process that takes 5 mins or less. This is a game-changer because no one else offers this period because of the amount of time (and the knowledge) it takes to find, test, and remove all of the bad streams without affecting the good streams. You will not regret it.

  22. Soraya Reynolds

    100% must buy. I did not have the option to get this on my 1st box (from another seller) and did not see the need until the “Automatic” updates stopped coming through regularly (approx 3 months after I purchased it). I reached out to them and they said I would need to pay to get it “reinstalled” even though their website specifically says “free updates for life*”. To make a long story short, “for life” means nothing because, like these guys point out, you need new apps and addons because you never know how long they are going to last.

  23. Nettie Schumacher

    I’m so so impressed with your workmanship and knowledge! I’m a very intense tech person but due to an upcoming surgery, I don’t have the time to create the builds nor can I do them as well as you guys. To me, this is worth every dime and the quality we get back is incredible! I received my device quickly and for me, it was more or less plug and play… 2 minutes to set up at home and wham!! Impressive work! The info and setup guides you provide or… make available are very well done and thought out. I am so impressed, I’m going to get another device!! Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has done it and did it better?! Thank you so much

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