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Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube Fully Loaded, 3 Elite Kodi Builds, 25 Apps

(23 customer reviews)


Stream All the Endless Entertainment on the Web for Free. All the Latest New Movie Releases, Premium TV Shows, HD Sports, PPV Fights, International, Stand-Up, Concerts, and Adult Entertainment on Demand.

Upgrade to the All-New 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube on Us. The 2nd Gen is 2x Faster, Includes 2 More Elite All-In-One Streaming Apps, and 10 More Fully Optimized Streaming Apps. Just Click Here and Enter Promo Code LMIR20 When You Checkout.

3 Elite All-In-One Streaming Apps (Kodi 18.4-20) Including Our Custom “Day 1: Freedom” Build, the Most Truly “Plug and Play”, Streaming Experience on the Market with Built-In Screenshare and Cloud Updates. (See More Below)

25 Fully Optimized Streaming Apps to Find Everything You Could Possibly Want to Stream on Your TV Made Simple for Everyone from All Ages to Enjoy on Day 1 with No Programming Required.


*Viewing This on Your Phone? Please Rotate Your Screen Sideways for The Best Viewing Experience*

Relentless Innovation. Our Latest Game-Changing Solution is the First Ever Kodi DVR-like Feature, Designed to Automatically Fetch All Your Favorite TV Shows When You Open Kodi Each Day.
Tangible-Time Saving Solutions Like the Most Simple TV Guide and All the Best Free and Paid Apps to Keep Your Hard-Earned Money Where It Belongs.
The best live tv guide for free cable
Superior Streaming Tech from the Only Streaming Tech Team with Over 12 Years of Experience and a Verifiable 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating.

Upgrade Your Device with Effortless Cloud Updates and See the 3 Guarantees, That No Other Seller  Can Promise You. You Will Only Find This Here.

We Do Not Cut Corners
Each Device is Tested for Quality within 24 Hours of Shipment for the Most Truly Plug and Play Experience Imaginable. Everything We Sell Ships in 1 Business Day or Less with Fast and Free 2-3 Day Shipping.

What You Need: Fast WIFI (20 MBPS Minimum) and a TV with an HDMI Cable.

What You Need to Know:  Connect Your Device to Your TV and Plug the Power Cord Into the Wall, Click the Icon and Read the “2 Tips to Make Streaming Simple” on your Simple Start Guide. That is It! Everything You Need is Right In Front of You. Just Explore and Enjoy!
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 7 in


23 reviews for Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube Fully Loaded, 3 Elite Kodi Builds, 25 Apps

  1. Jenna Simmons

    Cord cutter since 2012. I have had over 10 different boxes and these are the best. LMIR Rocks!

  2. Shanade Marshall

    Impressive work ethic, gorgeous product, tons of content. couldn’t be happier.

  3. Sarah Hernandez

    No offense but when I purchased this I was thinking 4 hours sounds a little crazy. But now I am thinking how did you get all this stuff on here in 4 hours. This is insane. I opened up the documentary section last night and quickly realized that I am seriously set for life. lol. Amazing job on making this plug and play. Just like you said. Every icon for the android and kodi apps is categorized and when I click on the first one it works.

  4. jennifer lawrence

    Everything is perfect and as described. These guys really do put a lot of work into their setup.

  5. jacob givens

    Extremely happy. I love the top 5 list and how you can get to everything within the build.

  6. Joseph Stimpson

    There are so many apps and kodi addons and everything is very simple. The top 10 lists inside the build are very convenient and save you so much time. Get the cloud drive. They are always finding new apps and new games. My favorite right now are the shortcuts to online websites. Excellent hd sports for everything I’ve tried to watch and would have never found them If I was looking on my own. NFL, MLB, Boxing, UFC, Whatever you want to watch.

  7. jacob givens

    Really do appreciate the work these guys do. I’ve purchased $9,000 kit computers, $2,000 remote control cars, and too many high maintenance big ticket products to mention for my business but I’ve never received customer service like the service that comes with this little streaming amazon fire tv box i got for $149.

    These guys challenge you to make requests to help improve their updates and personalize their products. and when you don’t do it, they get upset. or disappointed and they get more persistent. It’s in their products, the help videos, and my favorite, I love the blog. When I read “updated daily”. I thought the only thing that is changing daily is the date at the top. but not a chance with these guys. it’s more like 2x a day.

    For xxx’s sake, who releases a video just to point out “flaws that they are working on fixing” before you know there is even a problem. The only time you need to say something like that is when your wife catches you cheating or when you get caught drinking at work. lol. You will not catch anyone from RJ Nabisco or Phillip Morris saying that even after selling 30 years of death. and You’re going to say it b/c one section in the movies section has a random error message that you fixed 1 week later. That’s Unamerican.

  8. Josh Gable

    I just got my 2nd box and this is even better. I definitely recommend real-debrid for more 1080p movies and shows and if you watch a lot of live tv, get playersklub. I just watch sports so the sports websites and apps are fine for me. Could I cut the cord without it? yes, but when your saving $130 per month who cares about $3 per month.

  9. Jonathan Deleon

    Nothing can touch it. It’s got everything I need and it’s got multiple options for everything. Get the cloud and get a paid provider if you watch a lot of live tv. They have the best ones if you really want to save some money. If you are just looking for sports, movies, shows, etc.. You just need the cloud.

  10. Jim Johnson

    I made the mistake of buying a box off of ebay with Auto Updates. That stuff is a racket. They tried to get me to send it in for a reinstall after only 4 months! I sent it to these guys instead. They do great work. Everything is custom, even the launchers. I was so impressed I upgraded to a box and gave my old stick to my step son. Thanks again for the assistance!

  11. Adam Collins

    The Best Kodi Build. The Best Service. The Most Options for Free HD.

  12. Mary Sims

    It’s nice to have a device with options and tons of information because I’m new to this. They have youtube, a start guide you can click on to use, and tips in the product itself. Perfect for people just getting started.

  13. Paulo Harris

    Best gift I’ve gotten in a long time and these guys are pros. They know how to take care of their customers.

  14. Ben Gant

    I love how they put everything together in 1 app with tips and videos to help you get started. Just remember to click the 1 icon. You can’t miss it. Kodi is excellent for all the kodi addons but when you get your box click the 1 icon.

  15. Emily S

    Everything you could possibly want to watch and everything is customized, easy to use, and gorgeous. They have amazing service too. I reached out to them and the next month I updated my build they had added 2 new sections, “tv shows for women”, “movies for women.” 1000% satisfied with my purchase.

  16. Tony Marsalle

    I’m lucky enough to be retired but not lucky enough to not worry about finances. This cube does everything as advertised and more. I like all the support tools these guys have to offer too. I would recommend the cloud (click their support page to check out all the resources). It’s amazing for people like me who are just getting started.

  17. gevevieve D

    Everything I needed and more.

  18. Patrice C

    I had no clue about these boxes. I live in a retirement home and this is worth every penny I paid. It did not take me a day to get adjusted to the box but I must admit I had some help. Apparently, I’ve got friends now. Everybody wants to know what new movies have come out and what I am pulling up next. I mainly just stick with the apps right now, but I am venturing out to find more to pass the time each day.

    It is amazing what these gentlemen do. I cannot say enough good things.

  19. Jisnachek Romanoski

    Excuse my English. I do not do reviews but I want to give this review for months. This is the best product and service. Would give it 20 stars if I could.

  20. Doug

    I have a couple questions first one is can you watch all nfl and college football games. Second one I read that the apps don’t last long and are constantly changing how do they get updated or changed. Do I have to do it manually or do you guys do it. If you guys do it can you do the upgrades remotely or does it have to be sent back.

  21. Jasmine Phillips

    Just wanted to say thank you for this and all your help. I wish I had known about this years ago.

  22. sergio agio

    Its a very impressive system. I was not expecting it. They really need to update their videos just to show everyone how much time they have put into everything. Its very professional and they have it down to a science now. In the movies section in their 1 application, you scroll down and click movies apps and movie websites, scroll up and find movies using all your addons, scroll right and find the 1 click movie addons, it’s very efficient and everything is done very well.

    They put asterisks on the applications that do not update correctly and they put the shortcuts to your app markets directly below with an astericks. You click it and it says, “some apps do not update correctly, if so, click here” and they have youtube videos on how to fix this but if you have the cloud you just click the cloud. For those who do not know, this is not fun, because it is always your favorite apps and app markets. but the cloud is simple, they have 2 of them and both seem identical but both are well maintained and most importantly, No issues which is nice.)

  23. Zack Demeranville

    These gentlemen do excellent work regardless, but the newer model is much faster. I have both and the latest version is much faster.

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