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Jailbroken MECOOL KM1 Deluxe Android TV 64GB Internal Storage 30 Apps


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All-New MeCool KM1
30+ Streaming Apps for All the Best New Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, HD Sports, PPV, Adult, International, etc.
5 Elite All-In-One Kodi Builds Fully Optimized, Including Our “Day 1: Freedom” Build, the Most Intuitive and Innovative Kodi Build on the Market.
64GB = More Storage Space Than Every Other Device For You to Explore and Add Anything You Want. Just Download and Forget.

12-Years of Experience and a Flawless, 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating. We Take Care of Our Customers. Click Here to See Our Verified Feedback on eBay, Bonanza, eBid, Etc.

Limited Time Only: Only 1 Left! No Taxes, Free Expedited Shipping, We Also Have Buy 1 Year, Get 1 Year of Effortless Cloud Updates Free. More About this Below.

the fastest and best kodi media streaming box

More Free HD Content Than Any Other MeCool K1 Android TV Box 4K Guaranteed. Access to All the Best New Movies, TV Shows, Free Live TV, Sports, Stand Up Comedy, Music, Karaoke, Concerts, and International Content from Nearly Everywhere Around the World.

Thousands of Hours of Classic Movies, Life-Changing Documentaries, and Educational Content Covering Everything from the Great Books by Aristotle and Socrates to the Most Gifted and Respected Minds of Our Times. Tons of Specialized Content like Books on Tape, Diet Tips, Cooking Recipes, Fitness, and Workout Regimens for Better Health and a Better Life.

Using a SmartPhone? Please Rotate Your Screen for the Best Viewing Experience.

Relentless Innovation. Our Latest Game-Changing Solution is the First Ever Kodi DVR-like Feature, Designed to Automatically Fetch All Your Favorite TV Shows When You Open Kodi Each Day. (See the 2nd Video In the Playlist Below)

Do Not Fall for the “Free Automatic Updates” that Most Sellers Claim to Have in Bold Letters at the Top Of Their Listings. Unfortunately, They Are Only Talking About Kodi Addon Updates. The Issue is That 95% of Kodi Addons Do Not Last Longer Than 6 Months. Click Here to See it For Yourself. Nearly Every Addon From This Time Last Year Has Already Been Replaced by a Better Performing Addon.

The Next Time a Seller Tries to Tell You Their Devices Update Automatically, Ask them, “Who Replaces the Kodi Builds, Apps, and Addons When The Developers Move on To Their Next Build or Addon and They Stop Working?” If The Seller Does Not Offer a Real Solution like the Cloud, the Answer is You.

Limited Time Promotion Virtually Every Other Seller Charges Their Customers Hidden Fees to Update and Reinstall Your Kodi Builds, It Takes at Least 1 Week to Get Your Device Back, You Risk Losing or Damaging It 2 Times Per Year and These Hidden Fees Can End Up Costing You Much More Than the Price of Your Device.

If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Manually Program New Kodi Builds and Addons for the Life of Your Device, Make Sure You Are Getting a Fully Supported Streaming Device With Access to a Cloud Drive. Click Here to Add the Cloud Today and See the 3 Guarantees That No Other Seller Can Promise You.

Each Device is Tested for Quality within 24 Hours of Shipment.

What You Need:  Fast Wi-Fi (20 Mbps min) and a TV.

What You Need to Know: Click the Icon and Read the “2 Very Important Rules of Kodi” on the Simple Start Guide.

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 7 in

1 review for Jailbroken MECOOL KM1 Deluxe Android TV 64GB Internal Storage 30 Apps

  1. Chris Etheridge

    5 stars. Loyal Repeat Customer. Love the extra storage space on this box. I live in a retirement home and this thing keeps everyone happy. The new section for independent media is awesome for people like me who were giving up on this country. You said it, With the exception of 1 reporter, it’s a sea of cucks. No one will just give you the facts anymore. It’s either partisan garbage trying to make you hate half of the people you love or corporate bs marching them to ww3. It is crazy how much more similar the Left and Right are in the independent media. I forget his name but the comedian guy on the left said it the best. “What do you do when a group of Trump supporters shows up at your Union meeting? (He Shrugged His Head) What Are You Talking about? You Declare Victory! You just won! That is How We Win” Amen to that. It just goes to show how much of a racket are media. Thanks again.

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