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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Jailbroken, Fully Loaded, Truly Plug and Play

(41 customer reviews)


The Latest Generation NVIDIA Shield Pro, Brand-New. Unlocked and Fully Loaded to Fulfill Your Every Desire. Stream All the Latest New Movies, Premium TV Shows, Best New Stand-Up Comedians, Musicians, Live HD Sports, PPV Fights, and Entertainment from the Internet All Around the World on Demand.

5 Elite All-In-One Streaming Apps (Kodi 18.4-20) Including Our “Day 1: Freedom” Custom Streaming App, the Most Truly “Plug and Play”, All-Encompassing Streaming Experience on the Market.

35 Streaming Apps to Find Everything You Could Possibly Want to Stream on Your TV Made Simple for Everyone from All Ages to Enjoy on Day 1 with No Programming Required.

No Taxes, Free Expedited Shipping, and Save an Extra $20 If You Enter the Promo Code LMIR20 When You Checkout. Limited Time Deal Only!

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the fastest and best kodi media streaming box

Relentless Innovation. Our Latest Game-Changing Solution is the First Ever Kodi DVR-like Feature, Designed to Automatically Fetch All Your Favorite TV Shows When You Open Kodi Each Day.


Superior Streaming Tech from the Only Streaming Tech Team with Over 12 Years of Experience and a Verifiable 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating.

Upgrade with Effortless Cloud Updates. If You Are Tech Savvy, You May Not Need this, but It Will Save You Hours of Your Life.

We Do Not Cut Corners
Each Device is Tested for Quality within 24 Hours of Shipment for the Most Truly Plug and Play Experience Imaginable. Everything We Sell Ships in 1 Business Day or Less with Fast and Free 2-3 Day Guaranteed Shipping.

What You Need: Fast Wi-Fi (20 Mbps min), and a TV with an HDMI Cable.

What You Need to Know: Click the Icon and See the “2 Most Important Tips to Make Streaming Simple” on Your Simple Start Guide. That’s It! The Most Truly, Plug and Play, Streaming Experience. Upgrade Your Life Today!

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 9 in


41 reviews for NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Jailbroken, Fully Loaded, Truly Plug and Play

  1. Skyler Tyson

    I am the tech guy for my family so when my mom told me she was buying me a firestick I told her I was sending it back. lol. but I I’m so glad she convinced me to give a try. Now 2 NVIDIA’s Shield TV’s later I’m just saying thank you so much for all the work you put into your products. You’ve made my life so much easier. The cloud is amazing, but really it’s the hours of work that you guys put in behind the scenes making sure we have everything that’s currently out. Noone else does that and it makes these boxes amazing. Thank you for the youtube videos, thanks for the new tweaked builds (diggz is awesome) and apps (love livenet.TV) thanks for taking care of your customers.

    LMIR’s #1 Fan

  2. Horace Jackson

    I really can’t say enough good things about this device. It’s fast, it’s filled with content. It’s way beyond what I was expecting. THis is the deal.

  3. adam thompson

    This is the best streaming box on the market and it is not even close. Lightyears ahead of the competition. I’ve gone through 2 boxes a year for the past 4 years b/c none of them had any of the options that these boxes have. No One does. These boxes are built so you don’t have to send them back. Everything is in the cloud if you have the time to go onto youtube and go through the videos. No other seller does this because they make money everytime you send it back. I could have saved over $1000 in the past 4 years.

  4. Andrea Martin

    This is the best present ever and the best conversation starter ever. I’m moving away for college so my mom wanted me to get me something to keep me out of trouble. This is it. No late night trips to redbox or movies with randoms. I have everything I need and more. Thanks.

  5. Genevieve Martin

    I purchased this as a present for my son and we all love it. It’s saving us tons of money and everyone can’t get enough of it. Will buy again.

  6. Solomon Roberts

    I started with movies and i watched about 50 movies. I moved over to sports and watched ufc 1 to ufc 101 in a month. now I’m watching standup comedy. Think I’ve already gotten my money back x3. What a deal!


    Amazing Product. Kodi is kind of unreliable at times, but there are so many free sources that it doesn’t matter. Pretty much anything that you can listen through speakers or see on a screen.

  8. Adam Berry

    I don’t write reviews, but I had to let everyone know how happy I am with my new shield. I did over 2 months of research before I decided to pull the trigger. I just want everyone to know how glad I am that I found this company. The amount of work they put into their products is 2nd to none. The end result is amazing. Super simple to operate. Will be back!

  9. Janeane Mccants

    I was worried about the price when I first saw this but everything I read said the Nvidia Shield is the best and I mean everything. and every review I read from these guys was excellent. I was so excited when I reached out to the gentleman that he was obviously worried about controlling my expectations. I’m still that hyped and it’s over 3 months old. Trust me when I say you need atleast 2 builds no matter what (4 is actually perfect, b/c things happen. Builds go down for periods of time just like the addons) But you 100% need the cloud drive. It completely rocks! I already have used the cloud drive atleast 10 times to swap out builds, read through, the docs and pick up some music apps. Everything is well maintained and extremely useful. JUST DO IT!! (and buy me another one if you are as happy as I am with it in 3 months.)

  10. Demarcus Johnson

    Excellent performance, tons of content. Love this box. Thanks

  11. Godfrey Simmons

    Can’t think of 1 thing I would add or change to this box. It’s Perfect!

  12. Amber Namans

    Best product of the millennium. I thought this was so much information when I first found this product. Now I know that I had no clue. They could fill an entire website with all the stuff that they do not include on this listing and all of it makes this box incredible.

    I’m just going to go over my #1. The favourites lists are genius. They walk you through everything from the basics so you just read whatever it says and click it, to the technical, how to switch builds and update (spoiler alert, very very simple just don’t click the red button. lol) There are shortcuts to all the best websites so you know when movies come out in hd, which addons are the best to use, how to use international sports channels to find more American sports, etc. I could go on and on and on.. The best part.. Everything is organized, logical, and beautiful.

    I could not be more happy with my NVIDIA Shield Box!

    PS. My Advice. Get the cloud drive. These guys are always coming out with new stuff.

  13. Josh Carter

    Thank you for the time you put into your products. I love the help sections in the build.

  14. adam thompson

    The best build on the planet!

  15. Amber Namans

    This is the #1 best box period but the kicker is LetsMakeItRight!. They are constantly pushing out info on youtube and updating their top 5 (now this is called the “the top 10 list”) This is my new favorite thing. You won’t find anyone else doing daily this for their customers and I don’t what I would do without it. Seriously. It’s a part of my family’s pregame ritual now and I use it personally before I start watching my sunday shows. Excellent product and even better customer service.

  16. Adam Berry

    All the free kodi and free apps are perks, but it is really all about knowledge. If you are serious about saving some money and cutting the cord you need knowledge and you need patience, and I am seriously lacking in both. I could not do it without the help of these fine gentlemen. These guys look after their customers. 110% happy.

  17. Janice Wysencoff

    I have to admit I was a little hesitant when I saw the price tag but I’m so happy I went “big” with the Shield. It’s funny seing the videos and the top 10 lists these guys work so hard to keep everything up to date. I just feel like saying all you need is an NVIDIA Shield with the Cloud Drive. Add the Real Debrid service (see the start guide) and you are good to go.

  18. Corman Rogers

    These guys are perfectionist. Everything that they do, they do it 1000%. No issues and everything is easy to use. You can tell it’s in that exact place for a reason. I like how the freedom build has tons of options to get more content. I just clicked to add adult, I clicked to add more sports addons. and everything is simple. I went from 20 football options to around 30 in the freedom build alone and I added the entire adult section in less than 5 mins. Granted, I’m not a newb, but this makes me feel like an expert. .

  19. Rick Moderelli

    Excellent product and excellent service.

  20. SS

    Definitely their best product in my opinion. Also their service/support is incredible!!!

  21. Gia Pugnaimi

    Its my 3rd Nvidia and I have every product these guys carry. Keep on finding more things I can do with it.

  22. Gia Pugnaimi

    Love this setup. Keep finding more things I can do with it.

  23. Ethan Carter

    I got a firestick just to test everything out and then I went straight to the top of the line. This is the future right here guys. Everyone who sees my shield wants to get one for themselves and it’s not just me. I gave away my firestick to niece and she’s got friends who are lined up to get one too. Amazing service too. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  24. LJ Harrison

    The best box on the market. I’ve gone through the ringer testing out boxes in the past 2 years. LMIR = the Truth.

  25. Zackery Tillman

    The best setup out there. Excellent

  26. Lucy D

    I’ve had my box and I just wanted to say I really am happy with my NVIDIA. Thank you

  27. Lucas Rangle

    So far so good. I like how they put everything together inside the 1 app. It makes it easyier for me to find everything.

  28. Forrest D

    Love this box! Thanks!

  29. Jonathan Deleon

    I started with a frugal firestick just over a year ago and I’ve come up all the way to the NVIDIA. I love everything I’ve gotten but this is the best. Just be warned, it’s hard to use anything else once you get an NVIDIA from these guys.

  30. Mellisa M

    I purchased the NVIDIA Shield from Best Buy and got home to find out that it’s a ton of work and every decent app is either paid only or requires you to sign into your existing cable service and even then it’s extremely limited on what you can watch and do. I hit the wall when I did all of this and I was still running into extra fees to be able to watch content. Instead of paying twice and adding additional charges to my cable bill, I returned everything and took a chance with these guys.
    I’m extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone, not just cord cutters and tech experts. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me. If you want a streaming device that actually streams content you want to watch and do not have months or years to learn how to get it, get this and save yourself the time and money.

  31. Steven H

    I expected to be let down by this device when I purchased it b/c you can’t beat the shield and I had high expectations. Not a chance. I’m 120% happy with my box and I’m still finding more to like. I watched almost all of the world cup and I was not even a soccer fan. I like MMA more than boxing now and same goes for standup. I watched it, but now I’m hooked.

    This leads me to my 1 word of advice to everyone like me who is just thinking about getting more content. You’ve got to get the cloud. Seriously…I almost missed the boat on this because I just didn’t know. I don’t remember even adding but after 5 months, I get it. The updates are more important than the content or anything else, even the hardware.

    I really don’t have to say anything. See their top 10 list. Everything on it is either an app that is worth your attention or an app that has been fixed/updated/ or an improvement. It’s important b/c I have 10 go-to apps/ addons (or what I like to call kodi apps) and If you are doing this right, it’s always changing up. Otherwise you will get stuck with worse and worse options.

    I can’t do this. I don’t program or have any desire to develop a build. The cloud is the difference between a 35% functioning box and the box I have that is running at around 95% after nearly 6 months and I almost skipped it, like they were asking if I wanted cheese or fries with that. Don’t do it. You will hate yourself for that $20

  32. Helen Goosen

    I just purchased the Nvidia and LOVE IT!! It is so easy to navigate! Great customer service as well.

  33. Joseph Sellers

    Love this setup! Love all the options and the information! I sent off my box first to test it out and came back and got this. Worth every penny.

  34. Susie Nguyen

    Everything is included in their kodi build ( international, paid live tv options, premium services, etc) I unboxed everything at 9pm and was connected to my tv, internet, signed up, and signed into real debrid (for tons of 4movies and shows) and streaming by 10.

  35. Mark T

    This review is for the excellent customer service I received from this company, I sent in my newly purchased nivida shield pro 2019 for programming , i received the unit back in reasonable time, went to plug it in and got nothing (as i never tried to turn it on out of the sealed box, i just sent it in)
    after getting the programmed box i plugged it in and nothing (after contacting letsmakeitright they guided me through some options ) but nothing worked so i went and got another unit and tried that power supply in with new box and nothing, so i got a hold of nivida and they rma me a new unit, plugged the new power supply in and everything works just fine, my point is the customer service i received from letsmakeitright was super responsive and a huge help, so don’t hesitate sending in your equipment for programming they will treat you right.
    I would recommend you try and power up the unit before you send it in because the nivida power supplies , there may be a problem with them right out of the box, went trough 2 of them before getting a good one, so check your unit when you first purchase it.

  36. Amanda M

    With my previous box, everything started going downhill after 3-4 months. I got this and the cloud back during christmas and with approx 2-3 hours total over the past 6 months, updating kodi and swapping out dead apps, I’m actually happier than I was on day 1.
    Just make sure you do not forget the cloud. It make it very easy to “optimize” all the Kodi builds and apps. You can actually speed up and improve the performance of all your kodi builds with a single process that takes 5 mins or less. This is a game-changer because no one else offers this period because of amount of time (and the knowlege) it takes to find, test, and remove all of the bad streams without affecting the good streams. You will not regret it.

  37. LJ M

    Everything you need and more

  38. Tony watts

    Just plug in and enjoy hours of great tv and movies fantastic service thanks.

  39. LarryC

    I have purchased two of these units – best tv streaming box there is. The support up front, during and after the sale was amazing and above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this business and you need to buy the cloud drive even if you are an android expert. You can find cheaper but not this quality or with this support and cheap means they stop working. I was skeptical because of past experiences with other sellers of boxes like this – I am highly impressed!!

  40. Jen Swarez

    I don’t know much about streaming but they make everything easy for you in their kodi 18.4 build. Just click around for a couple of days and read the tips on your screen. You will run into all the info you need. They also have a streaming guide and you can click on anything you need to know in the table of contents. Excellent for anyone who is just getting started or wants to cut the cord but doesn’t know where to begin.

  41. Joseph Sellers

    Grabbed 1 More for my old tv. I was about to give it to goodwill but I thought about it for a second and decided to put in my basement with 1 of these. Turned it into my new mancave!

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