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Quick Tips and Fixes for the NVIDIA 9 Experience

The Most Simple Solution: If You Have It Take Advantage of All the 1-Click Addons in Your “Diggz”/Chef Kodi 19 Build While NVIDIA Patches Up the NVIDIA 9 Experience. As of 2-19, There is a New Update that May Fix Some of the Issues from the 9 Update. Please Note That They Did Not Fix Everything.

2/5 New Optimize Update for Everything We Can Throw at NVIDIA 9

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App or “LMIR Mix Cloud
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or Click the Menu Icon in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen )
  3. Click “Autotasks
  4. Click “Optimize 4K Freedom (Real-Debrid Only)” Even if You Do Not Have Real-Debrid Service and wait 2 Mins. (Skip Down to Step 2 Below If You Have not Downloaded the New Kodi 18.9 Beta App for NVIDIA 9)

1/30 If You Have the Mixplorer Cloud

  1. Click Mixplorer or LMIR Mix Cloud
  2. Click “1. App Spotlight”
  3. NVIDIA Experience 9 Only
  4. Click Kodi 18.9 Beta.

or If You Have the Unlinked Cloud (For Everyone Who Purchased Their Device After 9-2021).

  1. Open Your Unlinked App
  2. Scroll Down 2 times and Scroll to the Right until You See Kodi 18.9 beta
  3. Click Download
  4. Click Launch (and click anything else it asks you to click to enable it if it asks).

This Includes Every Patch or Kodi Fix We Could Find That Helped Anyone on the NVIDIA Forums.

Optional NVIDIA 9 Only** (This is No Longer Necessary If You Did the 2/5 Optimize Update Above.)

  1. Scroll to the Left to the “Kodi Addons” Section.
  2. Scroll Down and to the Right and Click “Kodi Streams”*
  3. Click “Resolvers 2” and Click “Fembed” to Turn it Off
  4. and Click “OK” to Save It and Restart Kodi.

**We Will Upload a Quick Update That Turns off Fembed, VidCloud, and VidCloud9 When We Get Done Testing Everything or You Can Turn It Off If You Have a Mouse, Mouse Toggle App, Touchpad, etc. Until Then Stay Away from Non-1-Click Addons like The Oath in Kodi 18 or just See Chef Kodi “Diggz” 19.