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Restoring Freedom and Your Build Does Not Look the Same (Different Skin)

Download Unlinked Apk v2.1.2 for Android

Unlinked “Full Build Update (This is a Brand-New Work In Progress)

If Your “Day 1: Freedom” Build Does Not Look the Same and You Need to Recover Your Freedom Build.

Step 1: Download Your Build from the Cloud Using Unlinked. 

  1. Grab Your Remote, Click the Unlinked App Store Download Unlinked Apk v2.1.2 for Androidand Wait 5 Seconds.
  2. Scroll Down and Click the “Free” Logo for the Day 1: Freedom Build (for Free Streamers) or Click the Real-Debrid Logo for the 4K Freedom Build if You Are a Paid Real-Debrid Subscriber.
  3. Click Download and Wait for It to Download. (No Need to Click Install. Just Make Sure It Downloads All the Way. This is Your or ) Before You Click Your Back Button 3-4 Times to Exit Unlinked. (You Can Also Do This Step 1 with Your LMIR MixPlorer App, Click Mixplorer>Click the Top Right Menu> Autotasks> Freedom Full Build Update or 4K Freedom Full Build Update> Wait 1-2 Mins)
  4. This is Optional: For Anyone Who Accidentally Uninstalled Their Kodi #1 App or If You Click Kodi #1 and It Does Not Open Even After Clearing the Cache. Click the Home Button and Click the Main Settings All the Way on the Right Corner of Your Homescreen, Click Apps, (Fire TV? Click “Manage Apps” and Wait 1 Min), Find and Click the Kodi #1 Icon, and Click Clear Cache 2x, Click “Launch” No Luck? Restart Your Device. If That Does Not Work, This Time Click “Clear Data” 2x, or Worst Case Scenario Click “Uninstall” if It Still Does Not Launch (We Usually Say to Never Do This But in this 1 Instance, If You Have Tried Everything Click “Uninstall” to Uninstall Kodi #1 Only if You Have Not Done So Already. Then Click Your Unlinked App to Open It Again, Scroll Down and Click the Kodi #1 App for Your Device/Setup, Click “Download”, Wait, Click “Install”, and Click Whatever You Need to “OK” or “Allow” and  “Open” Your Kodi App.

Step 2: Explore Kodi #1, Locate and Click the “Portal”, “Wiz”, or “Wizard” Inside of Kodi #1. Then Find and Click the Backup/Restore Option to Restore Your Build

  1. Click the #1 Icon on Your Streaming Device (If You Just Uninstalled/Reinstalled It May Be at the Bottom of Your Apps, Hold Down the Home Button or Whatever Button You Need to Hold Down to Get to Your “Apps”. Scroll Down Until You Find Your #1 Kodi Icon and Click It)
  2. Explore Every Section, Find, and Click the “Wiz”,  “Wizard”, or “Portal” in Your Version of Kodi #1. It’s Most likely Going to Be the “BadAzz Wiz”, “Chef  Wizard”, or the “One Nation Portal”. If You Cannot Find Anything that Says Wiz, Wizard, or Portal in Its Name, Find and Click Anywhere You See the Words “Addons” “Programs”, and “Program Addons”. (All of these Lead You to Your Programs. Once You Get to Programs or Program Addons, Scroll Down and Click Any Program That Has the Word “Wiz”, “Wizard” or “Portal” in Its Name. Find It and Click It.) Please Skip the “Build Menu” and the “Save Options”, These Are Plan B Options We Leave for Customers Without the Cloud so They Can Hopefully Try a Completely Different Build That May or May Not Work. Not Our “Day 1 Freedom” or “4K Freedom” Build.)
  3. Find and Click the Option to Restore Your Build. 
  4. Click “Yes” or Click “Continue” to Clear Everything and Start Fresh. Wait for 1-2 Mins
  5. If The Name at the Top Says “Bad Azz Wiz”? Click “Backup/Restore”. 5a. If It Says “OneNation Portal” or “Chef Wizard”? Click “Maintenance”, “Back Up/Restore” (If You Do Not See “Back Up/Restore” Scroll Down 10-15 Times) and Then Click “[Restore]: External Build “.
  6. Click the Up Button to Scroll Up to the Very Top Line (with the < … Back Arrow and 2-3 … Little Dots on It).
  7. Click Your Select Button Until You See “External Storage”.
  8. If You Clicked the Unlinked App and Clicked the Freedom Build or 4K Freedom Build in Step 1: Click the Following Folders to Get to Your Zip File: Click external storage>Android>data>link.unlinked>cache>v1>downloads>(There may be 1 more Folder added by the Time You Get to This) Just Keep Clicking Until You Find and Click or     
  9. If You Clicked the LMIR Mixplorer and Clicked “Autotasks” to Download the Freedom Full Build Update or “4K Freedom Full Build Update” in Step 1 Above, Click External> Download> My_Builds> or   (Not “Kodi18FreedomSkin…zip” That Will Not Help You In This Instance)
  10. Put Your Remote Down Somewhere Safe. When It’s Done, Click “Force Stop”.
  11. Click the #1 Icon for Your Day 1 Freedom Build and Wait 5 Mins for it to Finish Installing, Updating, and Loading Everything for You.

Tips After the Update. (Optional)

  1. To Speed Up Your Freedom Build, Click “Tools” (in the Tools Section) >
  2. Click “Autoruns” and Click “OneNation Portal” to Turn it Off. This Also Gets Rid of the “Invalid URL” Message When You Open Kodi 18.
  3. Click Every “Plugin.Video”…. Addon Besides Openmeta and TMDBHelper

Need to Remove Your Adult Section? Click Here

Have a Paid Real-Debrid Account?

  1. Scroll to the Right to Get to the “Real-Debrid” Section.
  2. Scroll Down and Click “Pair to Real-Debrid”.
  3. Click Step 1 “Pair to Your Real Debrid Account and then Click the Bottom Line to Restore Your RD Login Info or “If You Are Starting from Scratch with a Full Build Recovery, Just Read the Tips on Your Screen.
  4. When You Are Done With that, Click Step 2, etc.