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LetsMakeItRight! Vs the Competition

LetsMakeItRight Vs Our Closest Competitor

US: We Spend 4 Hours+ Per Device.

Them: 30-45 Mins (Their Words, Not Ours)

US: Written Walkthrough Guides and a Pdf File with Links You Can Click on to Get to the Info You Need.

US: Video Tutorials on YouTube. We Also Place the Videos Directly Into the Sections In Kodi Where You Need Them Along With Our Screen Share App and Cloud Drive, So You Always Have Access to World-Class Customer Support and the Latest Streaming Tech On the Market.

Them:  A Troubleshooting Website for You to Learn How to Manually Program Their Build Every Time Your Addons Stop Working.

US: We Install 2 Optimized Builds That Receive Regular Full-Build Updates. If For Any Reason 1 Of Your Builds Is No Longer Working Properly, We Will Prepare Our Next Build Release to Help You.

Them: 1 “Custom” Build That the Seller Doesn’t Even Attempt to Update Unless You Pay $35+ and Ship Your Device Back to Them. They have No Cloud Drive and No Wizard.

Over 150 Modified Settings Vs 0.

US: Bottomline. You Are Paying Us $15-20 Per Hour for a Superior Streaming Solution Designed to Last for Life of Your Device. (That is Not to Mention the Time We Spend Each Week Updating Our Cloud Drive, Our “Day 1: Freedom” Build, Customer Service, Etc) We Give You Every Resource to Make This Happen. From the Start Guide to the Cloud Drive.

Them: Our Competitor Charges $60-80 Per Hour (Again, This is Based on Simple Math and Their Words, Not Ours) For a Device that They Recommend You ” Send in For Reinstallation Every 1-2 Years” ( for $35 Plus Shipping in the Troubleshooting Section of Their Website not in the Sales Listing)