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Delicately Unboxed, Unlocked, and Fully Loaded.

  • Fully Loaded Amazon Fire TV: 
  • 4.5 GB’s of the Latest and Greatest Streaming Tech (out of the 5.5 GB  Available)
  • 2 Kodi 17.6 Builds
  • 20+ Streaming Apps
  • 7 App Markets.
  • Fully Loaded NVIDIA Shield Box:
  • 10 GB’s of the Latest and Greatest Streaming Tech (Out of 11.5 GB Available)
  • 3 Kodi 17.6 Builds
  • 30+ Streaming Apps
  • 10+ App Markets
***To Maximize Storage Space, We Include Access to Our Cloud Drives (15 GB’s of Apps, Builds, Tips, and Tricks Docs, Etc) & Shortcuts to Rotate to Other Elite Kodi 17.6 Builds in Your Kodi Favourites (See In Pic Below) This is How We Get You All the Best Elite Kodi Builds, No Matter How Much Storage Space You Have on Your Device. 
Please Do Not Delete: 
Our Cloud Drives (3).  We Include Backups. This Allows You to Access Everything We Have to Offer in Real-Time. No Matter if It’s Day 1 or Day 100.  This Includes 100’s Apps and Kodi Builds from a Dozen Elite Kodi Developer Teams. (This Pic was Uploaded 4/7/2019 and Note the Dates on the Folders Below)
Kodi App. If You Want to Try Another Build, See Below We Have 18 Builds You Can Rotate Out in Your Favourites and Approx. 80 More in Your Easy Kodi App. but Do Not Delete.

#1 Icon (One Nation). This is Our Freedom Build. It has An Entire Builds Market. (Approx. 100 Builds are Less than 8 Clicks Away) If You Want to Rotate Builds Feel Free to Explore, but Do Not Delete.

 Our Full Arsenal of Android TV Applications
  • Approx. 23-33 Android TV Applications (This Number Varies Depending on the Available Storage Space of Your Device. The Apps Change Because We Are Always Looking for New Apps. We Pull Apps if They Do Not Produce, Especially Larger Apps That Don’t Provide You Stable Streams)
  • Movies and TV Show Applications (4-6). Terrarium TV, Morpheus TV, Freeflix, Tea TV, ETC
  • Sports, PPV, and Live Tv Applications (14-20+) Mobdro, LiveNet TV, Sports TV Schedule, V-Say, C-Kay TV, Snappy Streams, and a Few of These Apps Shall Remain Anonymous. In the Age of Social Media, It Only Takes 1 Person to Take an Unknown App with Stable 720p Streams and Overrun It with 10,000 Sports Fans looking for Free Streams.
  • App Markets Filled with 1000’s of Streaming Apps. (7-10) APKTime, Aptoide TV,  Nvidia Users, Reach Out to Us if You Want Games. We Will Setup Your Device and Controller to Download and Play Free Games. We Have to Remove Your 4th Build to Use It for Free Games.
  • We Make Up for Storage Constraints by Installing Shortcuts to the Best Online Websites. These Shortcuts take up 1/1000th of the Storage Space of an Android App and Are Often More Effective and More Reliable.
  • We Introduce These Shortcuts in Your Favourites and They Allow You to.
  • 1-Click Stream Movies, Sports (MLB, NBA, NFL), and PPV
  • Find What Channel the Game Is Playing on In the UK or Internationally so You Can Double or Triple Your Chances of Finding It in HD on Kodi.
  • Download the Latest Streaming Apps from Websites in the UK and Internationally so You Can Spread Your Eggs Out into More than One Basket and Increase Your Chances. (2 of our top 3 App Markets Are Online Websites)
  • The Best Part. Each Website Shortcut takes just as little as 40KB of Space (1 Application Takes Up to 300x The Space)
  • Everything is Gently Repackaged and Sealed with Our Start Guide, App Summary, and Kodi Walkthrough Inside Just in Case You Are Looking for the Ultimate Gift that Keeps on Giving.
**Everything We Sell Ships Out in 1-Business Day or Less with Lightning Fast 2-3 Day Guaranteed Shipping with Tracking. **
Detailed Summary of Our Kodi 17.6 Builds
Build 1: is Our “Day 1 Freedom” Launcher the Only Truly “Plug and Play ” Build on the Market. See the Video Below for the Best Description. Everything is Reverse Engineered to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions from Our Loyal Customers Over the Past 6 Years.  This Allows You to Harness Every App on Your Entire Device on Day 1, Every Top Kodi Addon in the Community, and Find Lesser-Known Websites on the Internet for Movies, Sports, PPV, Live TV, Standup, Concerts, Fitness Workouts, Cooking Recipes, ETC.
Our Day 1 Freedom Build Includes over 20 Firsts for a Kodi Build.
  • 1-Click Addon Expanders (Just continue Scrolling to the Right and Eventually You Will Find Ranked in the bottom right of each section, So You Can Effortlessly Add Expand Your Arsenal of Addons How You See Fit and We Can Keep the Build As Bloat-Free as Possible.
  • The Only Build with a Built-In “Builds Market” filled with Builds from All the Elite Kodi Developers. This Allows You to Rotate Out Builds As Needed and Maximize Your Storage Space.
  • Our Game-Changing DVR Section that Automatically Fetches All the Latest Episodes for Your Favorite TV Shows Immediately When You Open the Build.
  • Our Dedicated Help Sections with Built-In Screen Share and YouTube Walkthroughs Directly in the Build, Etc.
(Click the Picture Below to See How to Add Shows to Your DVR)
Build 2: is the “4K Build” from the Hardest Working Kodi Developer Team, the Cosmic Saints. They Push Out the Most Full-Build Updates Period so You Can Enjoy All of the Latest Improvements and New Addons.
With Our Addon Optimizations, Settings Modifications, And Guided Walkthrough In the “Favourites Section”, We Take the Most Modern Build on the Planet and Make it More Responsive by Turning Off the Addons That Run in the Background. and Removing All of the Unreliable Providers. This Not Only Makes the Build 30% Faster, but It also Makes It More Simple and More Reliable so Everyone Can Enjoy Everything it Has to Offer.

 Build 3 for NVIDIA Users:  Diggz Xenon is the Best American Build in the Past 2 Years. It’s Light Years Ahead of the Curve with Urban Style and the Best Sports Section of All Kodi Builds.

Build 4 for NVIDIA Users. Cellardoor TV’s Infusion Build is Actually 3-Builds-in-1 and it was 2017’s Build of the Year According to** Both Builds Are Tweaked to Remove Providers and Bad Sources for Movies and TV Shows and We Make Them Easy with Our Walk Through Guide in the Favourites Section to Bring Everything In these Massive Builds Out into the Open so You Can Enjoy It on Day 1.

**Each Device Includes 3 App Launchers to Make Your Device Truly “Plug and Play” on Day 1. (Fire TV 3 Boxes Come with 2 App Launchers Because Amazon’s New Software Blocks it.) Each App Icon is Neatly Organized into Categories (Movies/TV Shows, Kodi Builds, Sports, Live TV, App, and Gaming Markets, Utility/Restore/ Maintenance Apps.). Each App is Listed According to Their Rank (The Best Movie App is listed 1st. The 2nd Best Movie App is listed directly to the Right of the #1 Best, Etc.) So, You Don’t Have to Even Know the Name of the App or Know What It Does, Just Go to The Category You Want and Click the App that Is at the Top of the List. We Spend More Time Making Sure Your Device Is “Plug and Play” Than Our Closest Competitor Spends on Your Entire Device (45 Mins).

Not Finding What You Are Looking for? We Can Pretty Much Find It All. Even International Apps from All Over the World. Need Espanol? We Recommend Zona Latina. Just Reach Out to Us and We Will Deliver What You Are Looking for to the Request Folder within 24 Hours.