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LMIR! 30 Day Guarantee

Every Device We Sell Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Through Amazon or NVIDIA. In Addition to Our Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee, We Will Get You a 1-Time Courtesy Credit Equal to 10% of Your Purchase (Up to $30) if You Can Find Any Other Identical Device With More Free HD Content

Just Reach Out to Us  If You Need Anything or See Your Complete Streaming Guide for the Phone Number and Email Address If You Would Prefer to Message Us . (We Are Trying to Reduce the Amount of Spam We Receive from Solicitors Each Day. Thanks!)

Damaged or Defective Devices
Please Reach Out to Us if You Receive an Item that is Damaged, Defective, or “Dead on Arrival”. We Purchase Shipping Insurance on Every Shipment. If Possible, Take Pictures of the Package Before You Open it and Try to Open it in front of the Mail Courier. This will Expedite the Replacement Process, so We can Resolve the Issue in a Timely Manner. Thanks!

Restocking Fee (Once Again, If a Product is Damaged During Shipping Just Reach Out to Us)
If the Item You return is Physically Damaged or Drastically Different from the Condition That We Sent it to You, We Reserve the Right to Enforce the 20% Restocking Fee or Refuse the Return Depending on the Severity of the Damage. This Leads Us to a Very Unfortunate, but Necessary Statement Below That is Intended Only for Online Return Fraud and Scammers.

Return Fraud: 
Our Packaging Table Alone Contains Three Different 1080p Motion-Activated Cameras Programmed to Scan and Record Every Incoming and Outgoing Package from 3 Different Angles. We Record Serial Numbers, the Condition of Our Products, the Tracking Numbers, the Incoming and Outgoing Addresses, etc. Please Do Yourself and Us a Huge Favor and Just Skip Us. This Just Ends Up Being a Colossal Waste of Time for Everyone Involved. Thanks!