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The No Spin Zone: Who We Are, What We Do, and What We Refuse to Do

We Are No Longer Comfortable Standing By While Certain Bad Actors Use Predatory Sales Tactics to Manipulate and Overcharge New Kodi Users. We Are Shining a Light on the Worst Box Seller Sales Tactics in 2022 and Addressing the Misconceptions that Come From These Sellers. If You See That a Seller Is Using Any of These 5 Sales Tactics, You Know Exactly What You Are Getting Into.

The 5 Most Misleading Sales Tactics to Steer Clear of When Purchasing a Streaming Product in 2022.

  1. Sellers Claiming to Have “Plug and Play” Products Who Do Not Even Sign You Into Your Device. Click Here to See Everything We Do To Make Your Device Truly, “Plug and Play” on Day 1. This Should Be Obvious but Most of These Sellers Put “Plug and Play” at the Top of the Listing and Tell You That You Need to Sign in At the Very Bottom.
  2. “Free Automatic Updates” for Kodi Builds. Unfortunately, This Does Not Exist as of 2022. Virtually All of These Sellers Are Charging Hidden Fees When Your Addons or Builds Need to Be Replaced. The Fact That These Sellers Need You to Pay to Ship Your Device All the Way Across the Country Proves That These Sellers Do Not Have the Ability to Update Anything on Your Device Period. (Cont. Reading Below)
  3. VPN Scare Tactics Even When It’s 100% Legal to Stream in the US. (VPN’s Destroy the Performance of Your Device and Are 100% Unnecessary Unless You Live in the UK) These Sellers Get a Kickback From the VPN Providers. 100% of What You Pay Upfront and 30%+ of What You Pay the VPN Provider for the Life of the Account. Click Here to See It Yourself.
  4. Sellers Claiming to Have Lifetime Support and 100% Feedback with Verifiable Track Records Filled with Negative Reviews from Selling Inferior and Obsolescent Products. Click Here to See Our 100% Lifetime Feedback.
  5. The “Less is More” Sales Pitch You Hear from Some Sellers When It Comes to Kodi Addons and Kodi Builds. You Normally Only Hear this from Wholesalers Who Spend Less Than 30 Minutes Per Device Sold, and Actually, Make More Money off of Reinstall Fees for Obvious Reasons. If You Only Have 1 Build and 4 Movie Addons. Someone Can Sneeze in the Kodi Developer Community and You’re No Longer Receiving Updates for Your Movie Addons In Kodi. You Could Also Go Exploring One Night and Lose Everything in 1 Click Without an Opportunity to Even Learn from Your Mistake. These Sellers Know It and Bank on It. With 2 Builds or More and Multiple Addons From Multiple Developer Teams All Sending Updates to Your Addons You Can Dramatically Improve Your Kodi Experience, and With a Cloud, You Can Eliminate Nearly All of the Game Over Scenarios Even If You Click “Clear Data”. (Just Do Not Ever Click Factory Reset. This Erases Everything including the Cloud.)

The 5 Sales Tactics In More Detail (We Keep Adding Info In Here as We Find it but This is a Lot of Info. If You Are Just Curious About Why We Have Our Stance On VPNs, Scroll Down Until You See VPN Scare Tactics Near the Bottom.

The Most Common Misleading Sales Tactic Used By Streaming Tech Sellers Today is the Big Title at the Top of Most Sellers Listings Claiming to Have “Free Automatic Updates.” Please Note That All These Sellers Fail to Explain Anything About These Updates. You Assume Your Device is Just Going to Work, but As You Will See, That is the Exact Opposite of the Truth Because, As of March 2020, Virtually 100% of these Sellers Do Not Have Any Way to Deliver Updates to Their Devices Period.

The Sad Part is That These Same Sellers Charge Hidden Fees that Can End Up Costing You More Than You Pay for Your Streaming Device. See It For Yourself. Click Their “Contact Us” Page for a Classic Example. Please Note That This Same Seller Claims to Offer “Free Automatic Updates”, “Free Lifetime Support” and “No (Hidden) Charges after Your Initial Purchase” on All Their Listings Under Their “Guarantees”.

To the Sellers Credit, this is the Cheapest Hidden Fee We Have Found So Far ($30 Plus Shipping to CA = $40), But That is Probably Because They Only Spend 30 Minutes or Less Per Device (Their Words, Not Ours) This Particular Seller Only Installs 1 Build, Their Custom Build which is Ultra-Light (Less Than 15 Addons Total)  and It Has No Way to Receive Full Build Updates (which Clear Out Your Old Addons and Replace Them) Period. It Solely Relies on Updates From Kodi Addon Developers. This Leads to More Hidden Fees Over the Life of Your Device (Read Less is More Below)

Unfortunately, This Seller Is Not Alone, Others Claim to Include Unlimited Movies, Unlimited Sports, Etc., and Free Lifetime Support, but When You Reach Out to Them When Your Kodi Addons or Kodi Builds Stop Working, They Introduce You to Their Hidden Fee. The Fact That These Sellers Need You To Ship Your Device All The Way to California Just to Update or Reprogram Your Addons Proves that They Never Had the Intention or the Ability to Update Anything on Your Device Period. This is the Exact Opposite of an Update, Much Less a “Free Automatic Update”.

A Simple Google Search Will Show You that 95% of All Kodi Addons from Last Year Have Already Been Replaced by Newer/Better Options (or Must Be Manually Reinstalled Using the Developers New Web Address. This Needs to Be Manually Entered Every Time They Change their Web Address or Need to Update/Replace Their “Repo”) and Most Are Either No Longer Available, No Longer Receiving Updates or Have Been Replaced by Newer/Better Options in Less Than 6 Months. Do Not Just Take Our Word for it, See it for Yourself. Click Here for a Demonstration Video or Click Here for the Best 3rd Party Kodi Addon Website and Scroll Down to See Exactly How Little Support You Get from Addons that “Automatically Update”. The Short Answer: 3-6 Months or As Little as 2 Months if You Expect to Enjoy Your Movies and TV Show Addons in Kodi.

Why Is It Important to Update Your Kodi Build and Your Apps? Abandoned Apps and Kodi Addons Run in the Background Creating Random Error Messages While They Search for Updates Over and Over Again and They Are a Security Risk. Click Here for a Classic Example of Something That Happens All the Time with Abandoned Apps and Outdated Kodi Addons and Builds. (Please Do Not Pay Attention to the VPN Sales Pitch. You Do Not Need a VPN in the US. Please See “VPN Scare Tactics” Below.)

The 2nd Most Misleading Sales Tactic: Anyone Can Claim to Have “Free Lifetime Customer Support” and 100% Lifetime Feedback. It’s Up to You to Hold Them Accountable. Make Sure You Click the Link for Their 3rd Party Accounts (eBay, Bonanza, eBid, Etc.) If They Do Not Have a Link to Their eBay Site Posted on Their Website, Make Sure They Send You the Link to a Legitimate 3rd Party Website with Verified Reviews Before You Purchase Their Product.

The Facts: Some Sellers will Say and Do Anything to Increase Their Sales and Every Seller We Have Found With a Publicly Verifiable Account, like eBay, Has Several Serious Negative Reviews Ranging from Claims About Being “Unethical” to Their Products Not Being Truly “Plug and Play”. For Example, Click Here to See Some Very Serious Negative Reviews Left for a Seller who Claims to Have “Only Positive Reviews”. We Counted Over 10 Negative Reviews and This Particular Seller Claims to be the Only Seller with “Free Lifetime Support”. How Can You Claim to Have 100% Positive Reviews and “Free Lifetime Support” When You Have Reviews Proving That You Cannot Keep Your Customers Happy for 60 Days (You Can Only Leave Feedback for Purchases Made on eBay for 60 Days) and Charge Your Customers Hidden Fees When They Need to Replace Their Addons Every 6 Months?

These Are Serious Claims from People Who Are Not Happy With their Experience and How Could They Be Happy? They Purchased a Fully Loaded, Truly “Plug and Play” Device that the Seller Did Not Even Sign Into. How Can You Make a Device Truly “Plug and Play” If You Do Not Even Sign Into It? You Cannot Do Anything to Make a Device Truly “Plug and Play”. This is What Happens When a Seller Takes Their Customers for Granted, Does Literally Nothing to Improve Their Products for Several Years, and Tries to Get By On Their Sales Acumen Alone.

Our 100% Lifetime Feedback on eBay, eBid, Bonanza Speaks for Itself. We Have Zero Negative Feedback Reports Because We Take Care of Our Customers. We Took off 3 Months When Our 1st Boxes Started Getting Shipped Back for Reinstallations and We Did Not Come Back Until We Had Our First Cloud Drive Up And Running. We Had 2 Clouds Before We Even Had Our Own Website. What Does That Tell You About Our Commitment to Our Customers?

VPN Scare Tactics: Three Reasons Why Everyone is So Concerned About Your Privacy, and Why Everyone is Trying So Hard to Frighten You Into Believing You Can’t Stream Unless You Have a Concealed IP Address with Military Encryption. And They Are the Following…

Money, Money, Money.

There is Serious Money to Be Made If You Can Convince a Person to Start Using VPN’s. Do Not Take Our Word for it, Just Google “IPVanish Affiliate“. They Get 100% of What You Pay IPVanish on Day 1 Up to $80 and They Make 35-50% of What You Pay for The Life of Your Account.

Thinking Of Using a Free VPN Provider? Please Know that Everything You Stream, Everything You Search for Online, Every Keystroke You Type On Your Device is Being Sold to 3rd Party Companies. Free VPN Companies Are Not Charities. They Have to Pay for Servers, Maintenance, Marketing, App Development, Customer Service (ok, I’m clearly joking about the last one, lol), Etc. Again, Please Do Not Take Our Word for It. Go to the Free VPN Providers Website and Download the Full PDF for their “Terms and Conditions”. Click CTRL+F on Your Keyboard or Click in the Top Right Corner (usually a 3 Dot Menu, Click “Find on Page). Just Search for “Marketing Partners”.

Facts: VPN’s Make Streaming More Unreliable. Random Issues Signing Into Applications and Accounts and They Randomly Block You From Streaming High-Quality Content. For Example, You Cannot Even Sign Into Netflix Period with Most VPN and Our Favorite Apps for Live TV, like OTT, Do Not Load Even If You Pay Top Dollar for IPVanish, PIA, Nord VPN, and Even if They Do, Everything to Load 40-80% Slower, Unless You Are Tech Savvy and Have all the Latest New Tech, (and Even Then Do Not Expect More Than a Minimal Improvement Even if You Have with Hours to Run Speed Tests, Tinker, and Troubleshoot.)

When You Are Adding Up the True Cost of Using a VPN, Make Sure You Add the Cost of the Internet Speeds You Are Losing Each Month. For Example, If Your Internet Speeds Drop 50% When You Turn on Your VPN and You Are Paying $60 Per Month for Internet, Take 50% of $60, or $30 and Add it to the Price You Pay Each Month for Your VPN Service. Even Then You Really Aren’t Done Because That Does not Account for All the Time You Have to Spend Addressing All the Random Issues That Arise from Using a VPN.

And What Is It All For? What is the Service You Are Receiving for Your Hard-Earned Money? Military Encryption with a Concealed IP Address Sounds Cool but It’s 100% Legal to Stream in the USA and No One Tracks You Using Just Your IP Address Any More. 

The Next Time a Person Pushes You to Get a VPN. Ask them If They Know What “Cookies” Are? (They are Trackers that Send Your Personal Information to Websites) And Ask Them If They Are Willing to Do a Little Experiment. Tell Them To Turn on Their VPN and Make Sure They Are Fully Encrypted and “Anonymous”. Then Tell Them to Clear Their “Cookies”, Go Back Online, and Sign Into Their Accounts, Browse Around for About 30 Mins, Etc. Now Ask Them to Go Back Into The Settings for Their Internet Browser and Verify That All the Cookies Are Back on Their Device.

How Do the Cookies Get Back On To Your Device? How Do they Break Through the Tunnel of Military Encryption? and Finally, Ask Them, What is the Point of Paying for a VPN if it Can’t Keep Everyone From Getting Your Information and Tracking You? Isn’t that the Whole Point of a VPN? And If so, Why Are They Recommending This Service to Anyone? At This Point, The Answer to All These Questions Should Very Clear.

Money, Money, Money.