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Professional Installation Service- Mail Us Your Device

(9 customer reviews)


This Service is for Amazon Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Devices Only.

SUPERIOR STREAMING SOLUTIONS We Have Over 12 Years of Experience and a 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating Across 4 Online Marketplaces. Click Here to See Our Feedback. 

Need Help with Your Device? Mail it To Us. (See the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the Very Bottom for More Info.

Very Important. Do Not Settle for Auto Updates. Kodi Addons Go Offline All the Time. (Every 6 Months on Average, Just Google “Dead Kodi Addons 2022”) If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Manually Program New Addons for the Life of Your Device, Make Sure You Are Getting a Streaming Device With a Cloud Drive.

Our Lowest Prices Ever and Our Best Promotions.
Other Box Sellers Charge You to Update Your Kodi Builds (Normal Price = $40 + Shipping Minimum) It Takes You at Least 1 Week and You Risk Losing or Damaging Your Device Every Year. We Developed a Much More Convenient and Ethical Solution. Click Here to Add the Cloud and See 3 Guarantees That No Other Seller Can Promise You. See Our Top 10 List for the Latest Updates on Everything We Have Found to Help.

Click the Picture Below to See Our “Day 1: Freedom” Build in Action. This Playlist is Available In the Build Itself Along with Over 20 Other Tangible Benefits You Will Only Find Here.

  • 1st Video: How to Find Brand-New Movies. 
  • 2nd: How to Add Your Favorites Shows Into the DVR.
  • 3rd: Find HD Live TV and Sports.
  • 4th: Standup Comedy
  • 5th: Concerts
  • 6th: Adult,
  • 7th: News

Frequently Asked Questions…

Where Do I Mail My Device?  Click the “Shipping Address” PDF When You Finish Checking Out. No Worries If You Forget. You Will Receive an Email within 24 Hours of Your Purchase. Everything is Automated so Please Be Careful When You Enter Your Information on the Checkout Page. Brief Summary: Please Do Not Ship Us Your the Original Packaging, Your Remote Control, or Any Other Accessories. We Only Need Your Fire TV or NVIDIA Shield Device. That is It.

Do I Get the Same Benefits, Customer Service, and Support?  Absolutely! We Will Even Sign You Into Our Cloud Drive if You Add the Cloud. (Cloud Drive Must Be Paid for at the Same Time You Pay for Your Installation Service)

Do I Need to Pay for Shipping?
Yes, You Pay to Ship Your Device to Us. We Pay to Ship it Back.

How Long Does it Take? 
It Depends on What Time of Day We Receive Your Device. We Ship Everything Out in 1-2 Business Day with 2-3 Day Expedited Shipping. If You Pay With PayPal You Will Receive an Email from Paypal with Your Tracking Number when It Ships Out or You Can Go to and click Your Order.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

9 reviews for Professional Installation Service- Mail Us Your Device

  1. Stacy Jameson

    I Mailed this off on Monday and Received it back on Saturday. My NVIDIA is amazing and it’s super simple to use. I am a kodi newb and I just go to the build with the 1 icon and everything is there. All my apps and all the youtube videos. This build is amazing and I’ve got 3 more builds to explore.

  2. Andrew Anderson

    I purchased my original firestick off of ebay and the seller was a joke. Instead of sending it back to them I took a chance with thiese guys. It’s a night and day difference. Everything just works (besides some livetv links but this is not there fault) I love the cloud and I love the youtube videos.

  3. Ronald James

    This is the best deal on the Planet. My NVIDIA Shield was a Mess. I purchased this 1 year ago on eBay and everything was decimated. I am so glad I found these guys. My box is running 10x better than the previous seller had it running on day 1. Super fast shipping, I got it back 5 days after I shipped it out. (from Orlando, FL). Amazing kodi builds with built in support. (Screenshare, Cloud Drive, YouTube Videos in the Build, etc) The best deal ever!

  4. Jessica Janson

    I was planning on installing everything myself until I got my device and went on Youtube. There is alot of garbage out there! I saw LMIR on youtube and their build was beautiful, practical, and could do so much more than anything else out there. I bought it for the build, but it’s really everything. It would have taken me 5 years to find all of this.

  5. John Metzger

    I hate to even bring up how bad my last experience was with a Kodi seller, but people need to know this stuff. Summary: Nothing worked and I had no options to change or add anything. It was pretty much the exact opposite of what you get from these guys. 1 app market (filled with garbage apps filled with ads) vs 10 app markets (including the very best app markets available) , no “plan a” options (the sports add-ons in Kodi do not work, make sure the seller knows this and knows what they are doing. I had 6 apps total including Kodi originally which is a joke.) vs. Close to 25 sports apps and websites and tons of plan B options if anything changes up. And once again the app markets are huge. If Terrarium dies what are you going to do? The 1st seller had zero options. This seller has a top 10 list filled with close to 20 options ready at any given time.

  6. Demi Laverne

    Everything is customized. The app launchers have beautiful wallpapers. every app is organized so its easy to get to and understand. The build is beautiful with miles and miles of tips and tricks, helpful information, and expandable options so you can customize the device even more. For example. I forgot to tell them to add nascar addons for my hubby and when I clicked on racing. It there it was right in front of us, “Racing fan? Click here, Click Install.” It took it us to where we had around 10 options to approx 20 options with 3 clicks. They have similar options like this for adult, movies, tv shows, live tv, sports, even wrestling. Everything is exactly as it should be and it performs well and It just feels like a million bucks. It’s got to be atleast 10,000 hours of work total they have put into this build and the entire product to make it so practical useful for everybody. Now, I just wish I would have added the cloud. That’s what you get for being a skeptic who’s always trying to safe instead of sorry.

  7. Aldreane Davis

    I can’t tell you how many times I would have had to ship this back if I didn’t have the cloud. I’m sure these guys are sick of hearing from me but I really appreciate them. lol. Thanks.

  8. Bianka Samuels

    It may cost more than others but it’s a much easier to use and you can tell they put tons of time into the install process. You have tons of options and everything is easy to find. I love the app launchers and how everything is categorized and organized.

  9. Joseph Sellers

    Love the setup. Love the information. These guys know their stuff!

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